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Originally Posted by f300 View Post
Recharging via orange worked like a charm (it looks super-dodgy done via a company from singapore or something but hey, it works)! Remember, this is Vodafone SIM.

I'm having trouble deciding what tarrif to use now that I really want to make use of the money I keep pooring down the drain.

It seems that I have:

And I want something for 2 weeks, light usage.

I think this would fit the bill but I'm not sure about how to disable it after I don't need it anymore (I assume it would continue to eat away 0.6 eur/day if I don't call 123).

This one looks good too but I don't understand precisely what's with it, is just 300MB without any time-limit? Or they don't mention and is for one month and it'll keep renewing itself?

Hello f300,

now the date until the card is valid can be more or less easily checked:

log in to with your number and password.
Go to "Ver tu consumo" (check your consumption)
Go to "Mi movil & SIM" (it's the last tab)
Here the last line shows validity date for your SIM Card.

Regarding tariffs, as far as I know you have the following options:

Vodafone yu
10 euros/month --> 600 Mb/20min/20sms within Spain + free calls to other VF Yu

15 euros/month --> 1200 Mb/60min/60sms within Spain + free calls to other VF Yu

20 euros/month --> 1600 Mb/100min/free sms within Spain + free calls to other VF Yu

I've got personally the first option and you can add benefits max. 3 months if you do not use them i.e. max.
1800Mb/60min/60 sms within Spain with the 10 euros/month tariff.

Vodafone facil

all calls 6 cent/min + 18,15 cent (set up charges)

Also you can change your tariff 6 times a year free of charge.

I've got today the Vodafone September brochure from a dealer. I could sent it to you (prepaid part). Let me know and I will check for a wifi point as I'm on vacation now.

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