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Default Significant change among AT&T MVNOs in last few months - 05-09-2013, 03:12

If you are someone who has used AT&T MVNOs in the past or are contemplating using them in the future,
be aware that most have changed plans in the last few months.
Most have increased data allowances.
So check them to see how it applies to your situation.

There is something I would like to call to your attention as a unique plan.
Airvoice's $10 250 Minute Plan for 30 days of service
$10 250 Minute Plan for 30 days of service
$10 250 Minute Plan for 30 days of service
Anytime Minutes $.04 per minute
Text Messages $.02 per message
Data $.025 per MB
MMS $.10 per message
International SMS $.10 per message
International MMS $.10.per message
400 MB of data on the AT&T network for $10 is one way to look at it. International calling involves buying a $5 ILD add-on.
I bring this to this forum's attention for the data price and quanity. Enough for many for less than 30 days of usage.
Of course, getting the SIM might be an issue. I would contact sellers on ebay to arrange international shipping.
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