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Originally Posted by Schlips1 View Post
I remember that in former times it was possible to activate the email to SMS service in all german networks.
But there is was a problem: The phone companies got the "wonderful" idea of charging for incoming email-to-SMS-messages, so I really do know nobody, who ever did it.
Please remember: Incoming SMS in Europe (and most parts of the world) are for free even while roaming.
So there is no advantage for the email-to-SMS service at all.
There may be no advantage for the phone company to offer the service, but it would certainly be useful for the user. It would allow friends at home to contact the traveler without incurring any charges. This might be simply to send a short message or to set up a convenient time for a call that could be made via wifi or less expensive land lines. This would be particularly useful for US travelers to Europe, where the time difference often makes calling difficult.

I guess the US companies offer the service because they can earn revenue from it. If the European companies started charging for the incoming messages, I can understand why people stopped using the service.
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