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Default 27-04-2016, 19:09

@ peterdoo
I will add a segment about net neutrality in the EU to the WIKI.

And here they come: the last minute roaming offers. The providers are not so sure yet. I was really hoping of better rates from the UK given the fact that FreedomPop has started there and Three UK has a smaller roaming-surcharge-free option with Feel at home already-

Now, Tesco Mobile promised to scrap all roaming surcharges in a promotion (23/MAY - 03/SEP):

So Tesco Mobile will sell EU roaming data like 1GB for 10 or 8GB for 20 from end of May. Great news. May be the UK rethinks their vote about the EU again. It's not all bad after all.

Good news from Belgium too: Scarlet Mobile, a Proximus subsidiary, that sells prepaid SIM cards through the Belgium branch of the Phone House has promised to scrap all roaming charges, for prepaid too:

So I think we'll get good offers for EU roaming originating in most EU countries. I'm still a bit disappointed about the cheapies in the East and North, the Western operators are so afraid of. Still, no good offers coming from there yet.
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