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Originally Posted by pschi
Well, just to clarify this, here are the rates that Telecom Companies are asking for the termination of +423 663:

Belgacom: 0,34 /min
German Telecom: 0,30
Swisscom: 0,31
Telia Sweden: 0,65
France Telecom: 0,36
Telecom D?veloppement (France): 0,31
Cable&Wireless (UK): 0,32
Telecom Austria: 0,30

The transiting fee is normaly rather low, so the 0,29 for United Mobile as terminating fee seems to be realistic.

Any service for less than the terminating fee must be very unstable.
Bouygues Telecom e.g. has closed all phone calls to +423 !
thanks for confirming, what I tried to explain earlier in that thread. The expression "international premium number" might not be very exact, but it could explain what I meant: due to high termination fee, UML is able to offer free incoming calls in many countries.

And by the way: in German Television, there was also missuse with "+423663" numbers. Some TV call-in shows used such kind of number, but they "catched" the call before it reached Liechtenstein (?) and got the high termination-fee. That's the reason, why German Telekom had blocked "+423663" two times this year. So it is a kind of "premium number"!

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