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Default 13-07-2009, 06:36

I too am just getting into the SIP stuff. Maybe someone can write a SIP 101 guide as to the cost benefits and call quality benefits. I have been trying and the service offering and feature set is very promising. So if you are not familiar with them take a look. You can setup an account without any funding to see all of the features. While this has nothing to do with a GSM card it has everything to do with SIP. I would like to learn more. I have an iPhone now which is not unlocked. With that said Skype on it works great and I have an app called sipPhone that lets me do VOIP/SIP stuff. When I travel abroad I will bring my Treo 750 which is unlocked and use Telna.

So to everyone who has contributed ideas to date. Thank you! To Telna for attempting to integrate them thank you as well. All of this looks very promising.

I would be happy to host anything folks would write on my blog.

Lastly I am a former Celtrek customer and look forward to trying Telna.
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