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Default 15-07-2006, 22:14

I think the best way for your US relatives to call you when you are overseas is to point your CallbackWorld PIN2DEST number at your UM SIM and give the relatives the US toll-free access number and PIN (don't forget the "#").

As for the best way for you to call home, that's more complicated. If you can find a pay phone then trigger a callback from the payphone. Call the kids/folks and talk for 30 seconds asking them to call you back. Use a local calling card from a pay phone. Use your laptop and VOIP service with the hotel's WiFi. Tell Jim that if the phone rings twice then quits, he should call you back using PIN2DEST. Just use the UM system. The list goes on and on.

BTW, I noticed Nokia 3310 phones (GSM 900/1800) were selling on eBay for about $20 each.
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