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Default France w International SMS options for student - 16-10-2007, 18:36

France w International SMS options for student

I have a cousin who is on an exchange student program for 10 months or so, in southern France and living with a Host Family. The closest major airport is MontPellier.

At this point this is the current Prepaid service being used.
Bouguyes Telecom
15 euro: 1 month, 40 mins talk time + 200 SMS

Only problem is that my cousin is not able to SEND or RECEIVE international SMS with parents in India (Home country) or me (in United States).

Other options that were mentioned by my cousin: SFR, Orange.

In my discussion with my cousin we determined that International SMS was a must so that we could keep in touch (France < India & USA) easily.

At this point probably provided the SIM / the funds as per the exchange program specs.

I would not mind footing the bill for my cousin to enable International SMS to allow us to keep in touch.


- Is there a better option than the current Plan being used to enable International SMS? With the current operator or with another such as Orange or SFR?
- How could I ease the payment of the prepaid cards so that we can do it consistently and easily.. maybe with or without the involvement of the HOST family 'parents'?

- Would it help to add or use one of the following services for my cousin to further improve international communication beyond the International SMS? Ala...Ring and Callback world etc? Any thoughts / ideas?

I'd appreciate your feedback.
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