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Default 21-04-2014, 12:59

I think that 2 EUR/day is only possible on Europasim where they somehow activate an old offer from the past which cannot be booked on the original Vodafone Italy SIMs anymore.

For the original Vodafone SIMs the only possibility seems to be a change to a different prepaid plan. Either Tutti 500 with Extra 1GB or Smart 200. Both giving 1 GB of data per month at 14,90 EUR. However the activation of these plans seems to cost 19 EUR.

Nowadays there are more and more good alternatives for EU data roaming:

AldiTalk Germany: 120 MB @ 4,99 EUR per 7 days. EU/EEA+Switzerland.
Orange Spain: 100 MB @ 1 EUR per day. EU/EEA.
Simobil/Vodafone Slovenia: 500 MB + 1000 minutes + 1000 SMS @ 2,99 EUR per day. EU/EEA.
Europasim: 500 MB + 50 minutes @ 3,00 EUR per day. 47 countries.

Each of them has different conditions in its own country. There should be more coming before the summer.
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