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Default Rate to receive a call in Canada on the Global Number FREE^ - 06-11-2010, 21:38

Well contrary to the CS message you just posted.

The SIMple Calling Plus Service sold on eBay by seller ekitmobileusa has free incoming to Canada [and the USA] using the UK phone number.

You need to go to the ekit web site and find the 'SIMple Calling Plus Service' by choosing 'all countries' and shipping to US under the 'SIM cards' choice. Then use the 'rate finder' and choose Canada for 'from' to see the free rate. I just tested this [in the USA] and the incoming call was free.
By the way, the above method is the only way I know to get the 'SIMple Calling Plus Service' to show up.

And the $9 at eBay is better than the $59 at the ekit website .
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