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Default 06-04-2008, 13:20

You will not be able to buy a Yoigo SIM online unless you have a Spanish NIF number (tax code/national identity number for Spanish Citizens) or a NIE number (same thing for foreigners). These are quite hard to come by as you will need to either register at a Spanish consulate abroad (and it takes a few weeks to get your code) or at a Government office in Spain (which will certainly involve standing in a long line with immigrants).

I think the only option to buy a Yoigo SIM is to buy it in a shop in Spain called "The Phone House". You do not need a NIE/NIF to do this. AFIK You just need some ID (any passport etc.).

You do not need to sign up for any special plan to get the capped data plan. It is there by default. You may however wish to switch to Tariffa 2 so that you are not bound to a monthly €6 min useage. You can do this by calling their customer service team once you have the card. They have a few English speaking agents. On Tariffa 2 the call rates during peak times are slightly higher but the data rate is still the same.

AFIK Yoigo does not support EDGE. It is only slow GPRS or faster UTMS? I am not an expert in this (don't quote me) but as far as I am aware there are actually very few EDGE networks in Europe, most of which were just upgraded from GPRS specifically for compatibility with the iPhone when it launched here. I know this is the case for o2 here in the UK, and even so the Edge coverage here is fairly light and many big cities do not have it. A lot of iPhone users here have to contend with GPRS. I do not have one nor even have a 3G phone, but even so Edge would be quicker for data on my phone than the GPRS I pickup.

Someone else maybe able to add more to this....
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