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Well, the cosmote website is a mess... I don't know who designed it and what was the logic behind it but it's a mess.
That's their pricelist in English, although it has no refference to "my view"... Total mess:
The same pricelist in Greek has the my view pricelist:

You can activate the My view portal by sending an sms with the word "WAP" to 1333 and you'll receive the settings. Then you can activate the monthly pass (4 Euro/40 MB web surfing) through the main site of "Cosmote My view" or at a Cosmote shop.
If you activate the monthly pass at a Cosmote shop for the first time you get a 50% discount (i.e. 2 Euro for the first month)...
Unfortunately the My view mini-site on is not available in English...

It is an expensive alternative though and you should consider signing up for a postpaid offer which you will cancel when you leave Greece... You can give them any address you want as soon as you provide them with a valid credit card for account payment... They don't ask a lot of paperwork if you provide them with a credit card...
Unfortunately this is true for Wind and Vodafone at least, but Cosmote shops might still ask for a proof of address in Greece even though you provide them with a valid credit card... Give it a try...

A Wind or Vodafone shop will acitvate your postpaid contract without any paperwork, if you give them a credit card... I've done it many times...
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