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Default 04-05-2014, 15:37

How about a slightly different approach, given that I've seen you also asking in the past about numbers for receiving sms?

There are some applications for iPhones or Android that can do text messages and also VoIP calls on a permanently or temporarily allocated number, such as Upptalk, TextMe, Pinger, and probably plenty of others.

You can earn credit from either incoming calls and sms, or occasionally watching adverts or referrals for installing certain other applications.

I found that to begin TextMe kept changing the caller ID used. Then their support told me that sending an sms will fix the number for 15 days; however it changed again after 6. Also sending sms to their numbers isn't supported on the mvno on Vodafone that I was using, though calls did work.

Upptalk might be more promising, as the number is apparently permanent, and sms to their number series do work from a couple of brands I tried.
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