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Default prestigious? - 14-06-2011, 02:18

This idea of 'prestigious' prefixes or area codes is kind of laughable to me. Rare I can understand. There are people on eBay trying to sell people SIM cards with prestigious area codes in the US. His sales pitch is to make people especially desirous of these special area codes in order to get absurdly high prices. Anyone here who can activate a AT&T or T-Mobile SIM card; or H20 [and its ilk] for that matter could probably get one most of the time. Some area codes are not available or hard to get, but to pay a premium for one is beyond my comprehension. However, I have had some luck choosing Tru numbers that at least had a pattern or repetition of numbers to make easier remembering.

Originally Posted by PhotoJim View Post
+1 310 - the area code for Hollywood, California and area. Surprisingly, the original Los Angeles code of +1 213 has not attained the cachet of +1 212.
Actually, Hollywood is in 323---a definitely non-prestigious area code. [The doughnut around the 213 doughnut hole.]
Area code 323
Area codes 310 and 424
These Wikipedia pages on area codes are actually well done and quite useful.
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