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Originally Posted by peterdoo View Post

The new EU roaming regulation mandates that the reference price for all calls in the EU roaming is the off-net price within the home country. In the case of Toggle, that is the UK->UK price. All caps for EU roaming are calculated relative to this price. So maybe instead of lowering the roaming prices, Toggle rised the home price in order to get compliant. Even so, there are many prices for the EU roaming where Toggle apparently charges more than allowed by the regulation.
The maximum prices from any EU country (except UK) to any EU country in the case of Toggle should be:
Voice: 13p/min
SMS: 5p/min
Data: 20p/MB
Incoming: 1p/min
Just been to Portugal, where the SMS from Toggle indicates 18p/min for calls. In Croatia the SMS indicates 67p/MB for Data, 28p/min for calls, 7p/min for incoming and 8p/SMS. All above the limits.
You may be right, but they seem to be quite mixed up about implementation for EU countries

Website has outgoing rates of 3p, 7p, 9p, 18p, 28p; incoming 0, 4p, 7p, 19p
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