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Default 15-07-2006, 18:40

You might want to look at the pinned discussion on Americans going overseas.

Not knowing the EXACT rates on your PORTUGESE SIM.....

You do not say how many phones you have; I try to have one phone per person in my party. Guessing you just have ONE.

I am going to guess that you would probably best use THAT SIM for calling locally. I am also guessing the rates to that SIM will also be lower for people (your family) calling you. THEREFORE, I woul use that as the main SIM.

If you want to call to the US you can either use the Riiing card directly (25 e-cents setup and probably 39 e-cents per minute). Two other options are:

1. Calling card, either local or US with either local toll free or local number (Enjoyprepaid or other Nobel-com affiliates) for use with the PORTUGESE SIM if you have low rates. You should be able to use such a calling card from a hotel or normal landline. CHECK THE HOTEL if they charge for 800 (toll free) calls. We will be using this method on our upcoming trip.

2. A callback service like CBW. Some people are reporting difficulties such as having to make multiple (no COST, but frustrating) attempts to make the callback work and poor call quality. If you have FREE INBOUND with the Riiing, then the rate to US from your Riiing phone is 14 US cents per minute. Just realize it is a DOUBLE CALLBACK. You call your US CBW # and hang up. You are then called back by CBW and you answer.

I am planning on using Callbackworld on my upcoming trip and would not at this point hesitate to recommend it.


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