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Default 07-09-2017, 16:28

An update.

1. It seems my old SIM expired on 11Aug17 even though my credits were valid to 26Aug17. As a result when I arrived at MUC on the 17th I had no service on A1. (Good thing I printed the rail tickets to get to Innsbruck rather than relying on my phone.)

2. When we got to Innsbruck I immediately went to the A1 store near the railway station. There they explained what happened but they couldn't explain why it happened, i.e. how the two dates got out of sync. They sold me a new SIM and set me up (again!) for 12months. At least now my SIM expires the same date the credit expires, 17Aug18.

3. Today we hiked up to Breslauer Hut from Vent. On the way up I lost contact with A1 and started to roam on Vodaphone IT. (A bit surprising since we were at all times several kilometers north of the border with Italy.) In any case roaming worked, albeit at only Edge speeds; "glacially" slow but adequate. I got a text from A1 along the way advising me that I was roaming and that it was free.

4. I expect the same seamless and free roaming when we cross back into Germany in a week (or again in Italy should we venture south for a day.) All in all a smooth experience once I got a working SIM.

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