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Originally Posted by PSIM View Post
We did advise you about the use of dual SIM handsets, and SIM settings, unfortunately you refused to listen to our advice and still insist on writing spurious comments. For all readers of your posting and as way of proof that you did use the SIM even though you posted it did not work period, we have taken a snapshot with called numbers censored.
6/17 2:06a 3:00 Italy to Italy
6/17 12:49a 1:00 Italy to Italy

As far as we are concerned the matter is now closed and your account has been cancelled as per your request, and for everyone's information who does not live in Europe, it does not cost 6 Euros to send a standard letter from Italy to the UK.
My letter was a registered mail, not standard non traceable mail and it costed exactly that. I can post here the tracking code for everyone to see, just to be clear. More, I always followed your instructions and, once again you are not responding to my objections since I am speaking about problems with data.
I did everything, including sending the sim to you for testing but to no avail.
Now, since you are saying you suspended my account, would you be so kind to tell how you will refund?
That would be much appreciated.

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