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Default Best SIM anywhere to receive SMS verifications, no ID (preferred), ships worldwide - 27-05-2017, 14:30

Virtual numbers are not always working for this purpose (real SMS either, but that's a different story), and it seems I still need a SIM card just for bank stuck in the 19th century still only offering SMS codes, thinking it's all safe and all good. It isn't but whatever.

So the SIM card I'm looking for, ideally has the following features:

It can be from any country

It is relatively inexpensive to maintain for my humble purpose: it's just to receive some codes

I can order it online without much hassle, it ships worldwide

Optional: no ID is required. Some countries require, some don't. Why give out my ID to every company, if I don't necessarily have to?

This setup is for long term travel, where any local SIM card used internationally for crucial stuff can be the weak link.
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