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Default Five excellent sim cards to go abroad and...beyond! - 27-03-2017, 21:26

I would like to examine here the five cards I consider the best roaming sims around in this moment. I hope the post will be useful to all people surfing the web and looking for some suggestion in the future.

1) Airbalticcard
the sim is one of the three or more sisters (among them: Travelsim, Lemonsim and Airbalticcard) and is plenty of interesting features, first of all the possibility to send free sms from the web site and even more intriguing, the option to change the caller id. This latter is quite useful when you want to call someone who doesn't have your new number or you don't want to let him know you are not calling outside of office. Apart from this, the sim can also receive calls via skype at zero cost for the caller and even get and additional UK number cheaper to call. The sim also offers excellent data packages and sim to sim fixed rate calls at 19 eurocents per minute. Sim expires in 700 days if not used for at least a minimum amount of traffic.

2) Piranha mobile
I have been testing this sim card and even if at the beginning it seemed to me a bit tough to get it up and running, I must say now it is working well, (apart from some issues with incoming sms messages), offers an excellent array of tools and widespread data coverage often at a lower price than the Travelsim group, e.g. in the Caribbean area. The sim tools as said are: voip full integration, so you can call and receive automatically and at far better rates over wifi when available or when the gsm network doesnt' cover your location. Another great option is the offload callback and the free sms from the web site. This sim too, like the Airbaltic, can show, on special written request, a different caller id. Last but not least, the sim comes with a different set of numbers: a US one, primary and a UK one, secondary. Sim expires in 400 days if not used for at least a minimum traffic.

3) MTX Connect
This sim card is rapidly expanding the coverage. It is a Luxembourg based data only sim cards that offers packages or per MB data traffic at around 4 cents per MB.

4) Lefixegratuit sim card
new on this market, they offer a wide array of solutions, mostly based on Italian landline numbers coupled to the sim card. It can be useful to be easily reached worldwide at the best costs on caller's side. The sim asks for about 10 euros per month in order to keep the landline active but can be a viable option.

5) Tellink Roaming sim
Tellink roaming sim has been one of my favourite. The sim never expires and is absolutel reliable. Unfortunately they haven't been upgrading their data costs for a while, so let's see if interesting options will come in the near future with the new roaming regulations. The sim comes with a Belgian number.

Hope it helps.
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