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Default iRoam (ex Telna) - 17-12-2016, 15:20

I still have my Telna SIM active, mostly because G3/iRoam hasn't charged me anything, so far. One issue I'm dealing with is that I've been unable to send or receive texts ever since iRoam took over and they seem to be incapable of solving the problem and/or actually providing service to customers who have problems. Their level of service seems to be far below that which Telna provided. They killed off Telna's WiFi calling and SIP addressing, which was one of TelnaMobile's major benefits. OTOH, they seem to be able to roam AT&T, at least in areas where there's no T-Mobile signal. It appears that one of the SIM's IMSIs can roam AT&T but it's not preferred. I once booted the phone up and it locked onto AT&T but later switched to T-Mobile and wouldn't switch back.

Overall, I haven't see any reason to recommend iRoam but as I say, they haven't charged me anything yet. So, I'm keeping it for now.
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