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Originally Posted by wolfbln View Post
I didn't expect a reaction to FreedomPop by another operator on this side of the Atlantic, but Three UK seems to match their offer, well sort of.

They introduced their new Data Award SIM which happens to give out 200 MB for free per month. This data can be topped up for pay and used even in the "Feel at home" countries too or you stay at the very low (domestic) default data rate of 1p per MB (which seems not to be available for roaming).

So it's a combination of the two different plans of FreedomPop domestic and roaming. It includes only data, no "free" calls, yet you can text for 2p and call for 3p/min in the UK. But there are fewer countries covered on their "feel at home" plan compared to the roaming on FreedomPop.

While Three UK's SIM is for GBP10 with 1 GB valid for 30 days, FreedomPop is free (domestic) or at GBP10 (roaming SIM) without data included but the 200 MB freebies.

The most important difference, Three's SIM is available without waiting for months and will be distributed on eBay in other countries soon. It doesn't need to be linked to a UK credit card. Although top-ups from outside of the UK without having one is tricky.
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