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Originally Posted by Motel75 View Post
Vodafone Germany offers its prepaid (CallYa) customers a loyalty program, Vodafone Toppings. Depending how long you've been with Vf, you get extra calls or megabytes when you top up your phone. Vodafone sometimes offers customers a thank-you like a two-day flat rate for Internet use or calling. That's very nice of them, right?

But what they don't tell you is that these are not added to your regular basket of minutes/MBs/SMS. Instead, they are separate bundles that are valid for a short period and have lower priority than the minutes included in your CallYa bundle (e.g. CallYa Smartphone Special).
this problem will cease itself as Vodafone is currently closing down the Toppings loyalty program. No new registrations are taken and the existing customers are phased out in several waves. There will be a new program in place shortly after the Toppings is fully closed.

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