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No. There is a fundamental difference between the Czech Republic and Italy. Italy has a mandatory registration scheme in place, CZ has not.
So you can't just go to a supermarket or petrol station and get a SIM like in your country. You can only do this in special places like the operator's stores and post offices.
Furthermore, you have to show a valid photo ID (like a passport) on your name. Registration is normally very swift. But top-up vouchers are sold in every tobacco store in Italy like bus tickets too.

Europe is split right now. In some countries like UK, Ireland, Poland, CZ, etc. you are still free to buy a SIM without any registration. They are sold all around.
Other countries are very rigid about registration like France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland. Only selected places for purchase a SIM where you need to register by showing your ID.
Some countries are in between like Germany. You can get the SIM everywhere, but need to register online to be activated.
Because of a possible security threat more countries may be changing to registration soon: Belgium, Netherlands, Poland and Romania are discussing a system right now.
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