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Default WIND simcard ITALY - help with Activation, prepaid DATA.. - 09-04-2016, 14:05

Hello, i am going to italy for 1 week, next week. I need data simcard. I choose simcard from WIND, with data 5GB for 9€. I think, that is the best choice in Italy, cause i need to buy it on highway or somewhere, where my bus will be have break. Is it possible to buy it there? I am going to Venice.

How long does activation take? I found on webpage, that i need 5€ for activation and then i need 9€ for 5 GIGA. What i need for activation? When i buy the simcard, i will already have some money on sim or i must charge money to simcard later?

I will be used the simcard in mobile hotspot. So can you give me advice please about this? I am from czech republic. Or can you recommend me some other operator or Simcard, which is good to buy it in Italy? Which is better and easier to activated than WIND? I need at least 1gb DATA.

Thank you guys!

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