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Default Three UK price hike - 11-08-2015, 23:20

The UK is going down from 5 network operators 5 years ago to only 3 possibly soon: Three UK wants to acquire O2 from Telefónica. This deal still depends on the approval of the competition regulators. Similar deals in Ireland, Austria, Germany have passed approval. But for good competition, the regulators should think twice about the deal and what conditions to place.

As a foretaste of what might follow, Three UK is rising prices for the 1st time. Their popular "All in One 15" PAYG plan (for GBP 15) has been discontinued and can't be booked anymore.
It gave "all you can eat data" in the UK and up to 25 GB in certain roaming countries. That's why it has been popular in other countries as well.

Of course. They don't rise rates in the UK: the "All in one 15" is gone, the NEW "All in one 20" is here starting 19/AUG/2015:
The "All in one 20" will be sold for GBP 20 with the same allowances as the previous "all in one 15". So it's fair to call it a price hike.
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