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Question Wdf ???? - 15-06-2015, 21:09


I have similar problem and it is up to me here. Sucks the one of the market leaders such as E-Plus give a damn about their customers care and this even with brazen tricks pulls money out of pocket. Best no one is liable dafür.Habe 2 Sim cards in the E-Plus network. 1 Sim = AldiTalk "PC" 2 Sim = Simyo "mobile". Since I or problems with the charging via the connection wizard in the past, the app had with the Account Manager in 1155 but remains the only safest. I charge only on 1155. Simyo has incidentally also in 1155 no. But other announcements + rates. It should be clear. Recharge credit by about 1155 I have to do from the mobile Internet stick my Aldi Sim. Have done and as always the balance called in 1155 loaded and the option I always take Internetflat XL booked. Your booking was successful to confirm they will receive an sms. When the conversation was then stopped immediately came also the most Sms as well now. Ok. Then Aldi Sim drive back into the PC drive up, connect openable connection Medical Assistant. Warning light check. Lights Turquoise 3G HSDPA. Ok everything went as I thought. Browser open. Page clicked ..... Failed to connect to the desired page you ... Refresh ... to 20x still the same. Can not be, I thought. Online game client open. Error No internet connection available. Although the connection Medical Assistant displays Connected and the lamp will light turquoise. Ding ding my phone "Simyo Sim in it" suddenly sms. Your Internet Flat is now active and valid until 02.07.2015. Häää? My Simyo card was empty and had also charged with new credit wwerden. I then checked if I could go online with the phone. It went ???? Häääää. Now surf to date with my Simyo card via an Aldi tariff ???
When credit check via the app regardless of whether I'm doing this via PC with Aldi Sim or via cell phone with a data volume of two Sims 5110MB me appears. Yet even nichst consumed? Strange but are already 12 days and there would eigtl 1-2.5 GB already be consumed. Support "Aldi" written via contact form so far no response. Today again contacted support. 30 minutes later I received an automatically generated response from Aldi in the form of an e-Mail.Geöffnet. What was the answer. A PDF tariff table. HAHA good joke. Again support contacted with Please call. The other contact options are all only a charge and I do not see. I then also it should still pay. So that's a joke.
What should I do? Bin tied to the deal, as it the best tariff is seen from the price performance ratio ago on the prepaid market. Even when contracts with any haken.Unterschiedlichster form. Not a contract or prepaid provider where you have a 1 provider of a modem delivers and a SIM card for your smartphone. You can use both at the same time. Ie 1 provider Internetflat with minimum 5GB, 100 SMS + 100 free minutes to all German networks. for € 20-30 € all all most eigtl but already too much 40. Can not be found. There is not any. Time Send a message to the people. Since ye all so stupid that no one will notice or do you have all that much money, the main thing is it to swim or not you are interested in are all so Horny on the river with this case be the you that does not matter and all simply pay? I would be interested in real time.

Greetz IDIaBadBoy
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