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Originally Posted by wolfbln View Post
I agree, Orange is a good option.
But be aware there is only one Orange tariff on prepaid which doesn't have a monthly base charge.
But online on your account (which is only available in Spanish) you can change tariff lines instantly without fee on on the "mi tarifa" menu.

The only tariff without base rate is the "Mundo SIM" tariff without any data package.
When leaving Spain and trying to keep the SIM card alive, you should either:
- reset online to this particular tariff
- or be so low on credit, that a monthly fee can't be charged and thus other tariffs will be stopped.

Q: And which one can be recharged online with non-spanish credit card?
A: you can recharge Orange with a non-Spanish credit card with a trick:
This procedure is verified: you can top up online on the "Recargas" section in the Client’s area on their computer website. This is not possible on their mobile version. American and European credit cards (Visa or Mastercard) are verified to work if you select the "Pago con banca electrónica" instead of "Pago con tarjeta de crédito". Note: these options are not available on mobile version of Orange website, and it appears to default to "crédito" which doesn't work. Thus, recharges from €5 to €50 can be made. You will be awarded promotional bonus credit for topping up.
Thank you very much for a such precious information !
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