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Default Bye bye T-Mobile and Orange - 21-02-2015, 20:44

Up to recently, the old brands T-Mobile and Orange have been available at EE stores.

Now, EE tries to push all T-Mobile/Orange customers to EE. They don't sell the old 3G plans anymore. Though old customers can stay on their Orange and T-Mobile brands. This is the end for Orange and T-Mobile in the UK. In effect, they have given up the multi-brand strategy, to become a single-brand.


I think this is a risky strategy. A lot of customers are happy with 3G only. EE practically charges extra for its plans which are all on 4G through higher prices. This can be a chance for more MVNOs to get new customers who want 2G/3G only at low prices and don't need 4G/LTE.
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