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I totally agree with you.
It's the same for italy, you cant get a sim before your arrival.
On the other hand, i have to say that in italy there are really A LOT of shops where you can get a sim card. I mean, by person, of course. But there is a shop providing a phone card in every corner. Even in small towns. In my little village there are at least 10 shops. Imagine in big cities.

As far as it concerns selling sims online, some operators started it. But they didnt have success.

We are way far from UK, where you can get your sim cards for free, prior to your arrival!
Same for france. I could get my joe mobile sim card in advance. And the service was fantastic too.

As far as it concerns Tuenti, i'm looking for it, for the only reason that in the small island of Menorca, i tried it 2 years ago and the service was amazing. Incredibly cheap and the service was fantastic. You had fast data connection even in the loneliest beaches. Fantastic.

Probably Italy and Spain are different markets.
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