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Cool Which spanish sim has no monthly minimum charge? - 11-02-2015, 20:53

I'm visiting Spain only once or twice a year for just a 3-7day period. And I look forward to having a local spanish number for a bit call and mainly for surfing.

After having learnt the ample info from this site and some spanish telco sites too, I've found that most of them would charge the 'minimum fee' if there was no chargeable activity in each month.

Since I do not stay in Spain for a long term but just a couple of days once or twice a year, I would not love to get charged for useless like that.

So would you guys recommend me please which sim or which telco would hit my point ?

Which sim can be still active with no activity for 6 or up to 12 months ?
And which one can be recharged online with non-spanish credit card?
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