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Default Nano sim & Coverage - 05-01-2015, 03:28

Im looking for a little input, I have extensively read the prepaidwithdata wiki but my question is more of coverage and logistics of getting a nano sim.

My wife and I are on Tmobile here in the US and have the free international roaming however we will be in Germany (Munich) for a month the first part of this year and I would like to know what the easiest option is for obtaining a nano sim for her 6+ is. While we will stay in Munich it's important to note that we plan to traveling to many other parts of the country, some of which I am sure will take us through non metro areas and so I am not sure of the coverage of some operators. I should add that I don't care about LTE, adequate coverage of 3G is fine with me.

Aldi seems to be recommended by the Inquisitor alot but do they offer nano sims over the counter?

Anyone have any input?

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