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Default Vodafone Ireland Red Roaming - 13-10-2014, 00:02

The Vodafone Ireland Red Roaming now gives 200MB of data per day in Europe, US, and Canada for 2.99 Euro per day.

The charge for data is clear. The charge for calls is less clear.

It says that you can use "your home minutes & international add ons" I'm assuming that means that if I don't have a bundle of minutes, I pay per minute. Do I pay the normal rate for calls within Ireland, or do I pay the roaming rate? It appears the roaming rates within Europe at 23 cents per minute are cheaper than the 35 cents per minute + 9 cent connection fee within Ireland!

And, what, if anything, do I pay for incoming calls?

I'm usually pretty good at figuring this stuff out, but there is little guidance on the website:
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