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Default The WIFI Desert that is Germany - 08-08-2014, 22:54

This summer I’ve travelled in Italy, France, Austria and Germany. Whereas all the hotels in I and F provided free WIFI, there is virtually nothing available in A and D. The hotel in A charged 7€ for a week’s usage via an outfit called “Hotspot” but there was no signal on the third floor and the connection was erratic even from the reception area. There may be WIFI available at Macdonald’s and/or Starbucks but I’ve not been there. No cafés or bars provide free WIFI and the reason is explained in the following article (in English) from “Der Spiegel”, Radio Silence: Germany's Wireless Internet Problem

Free wireless networks are in short supply in Germany. Liable for the
activities of their users, service providers are operating in a risky
legal gray area. After national elections this fall, that could all
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