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Default EU roaming data SIM - 16-07-2014, 17:41

Hi. I'm one of many contributors of the WIKI prepaidwithdata.
There we are frequently updating prepaid data options for every country.

After the EU price cap on roaming data was lowered to 0.20 EUR per MB, I was looking around for good inter-EU data options. But still there are very hard to find.

The basic idea is a really European one: Why not take a SIM card from any country which has very low roaming rates and use it as data card in Europe. For a data SIM the number or origin is not so important as for voice or text.

As I'm a frequent traveller annoyed with the 30 something national SIMs I have already bought, I sucessfully tested two SIMs in the last months.

The Mundo SIM of Orange Spain with the Go Europe option and a Three UK SIM with the Feel at Home option.

See my article:

I'd appreciate if this forum can give more suggestions for other SIMs too. The Mundo SIM I actually discovered thanks to this thread here:

Btw. has anybody got any idea how to break this "geo-lock" of Three UK with top-ups? Is there a way to top up Three UK SIMs without being in Britain or having UK-issued credit card for people "overseas"? Neteller, Entropay, UK-prepaid gift cards? Or are there only these shady agencies charging 20% surcharge?
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