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Default Recharging TIM online? - 07-06-2014, 21:53

So on the site, I clicked Recarica Subito button, which opened another tab and I filled in the web form, including twice entering the number I was recharging.

I know in the past recharging online with US credit cards haven't worked but thought I'd try again.

The will recharge but impose a 3.90 fee! which is kind of steep just to recharge 5 to keep the SIM active for another year.

So I tried anyways and it returned an error and I figured it still doesn't work. But I got an email notification from my credit card company that the charge went through to TIM.

However, the credit isn't showing up on My recollection was that when I recharged at shops, the credit showed up, though I didn't check immediately.

It's only been a few hours though. Has anyone recharged TIM online? Did the credit show up right away?
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