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Hello, I'm going to Europe and Mediterranean on a cruise this October specifically in Italy, Greece, Israel and Turkey for 14 nights. I have an unlocked iPhone 5s and currently with Tmobile on Prepaid plan UNL text/voice/data speed capped at 5GB. I don't know if TM offers international plans for prepaid plans and I'm not sure if I will have TM as my carrier when I travel to Europe.

I'm looking for an all in one sim for my iPhone 5s that'll enable me to call/text/data on all the countries we will be visiting and also when we are in the cruise ship. I need it mainly for use in Europe, not to call or text anybody back here in States. I don't think cruise ship offers free wifi? I'm a heavy data user so I'm thinking of getting a package plan if any with 5GB data included during my stay there. I also need something that will let me tether my Macbook Pro and wifi iPad thru my iPhone 5s. I'm also looking to see if I can get a sim ahead of time before I get to Europe instead of waiting to get to Europe to get a sim.

And so please advise, any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Ed
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