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Default Bye bye SIM4Travel - 14-06-2013, 22:22

Received an email from SIM4Travel that they are picking up very soon with all customers being given a free Truphone SIM.

SIM4Travel were one of the best I found - free to receive in most of Europe with a free of 20p (or was it 29p) for each day the phone was used.

Is there anyone else with a UK number that can come near to that rate?

Prepaids - FR: SFR; BE: BASE; PL:iPlus simdata UK: T-Mobile; International: SIM4Travel / Trupphone
Contract - UK: O2
Phones - Nokia 700
Phones in store - Nokia 5100, 3230, N70, 5500, N96, N95, 6230, 1100
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