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Default Networks and Validity - 09-06-2013, 17:33

some additional informations about the Austrian prepaid sims:

1. Home-network of "eety" is 232-128, so while in Austria the Sim is (still) roaming in 232-05 (Orange / One). Be aware: "Eety" does not offer roaming!!!

2. Home-network of "Vectone Mobile" is 232-15. So while in Austria the sim is roaming on A1 (232-01). When outside of Austria you have to change the IMSI and it get's a KPN (NL) Sim-card. They offer a thing called "Smard roaming" (eg. you "dial" *103*number#, and wait for call back) and this is almost everywhere 14 ct/Min. In theory. I tried, and did not get the call back.

3. Home-network of "Wowww" is also 232-128. And now it get's interessting: Wowww are roaming in A1 (232-01) now and not on 232-05 (Orange / One).

4. Be aware: B-free needs to be topped-up with a minimum of 20 EUR a year to stay active. You may not use 2 10 EUR cupons! It will get in a kind of "sleeping" mode, but will not get competly deactivated.
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