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Default Belgian SIM for day trips once/twice per year - 05-06-2013, 10:14

I visit Belgium once or twice per year during the day and find it frustrating that I lose data connectivity while I am there using a non-Belgian SIM card.

I would therefore like to obtain a Belgian nano-SIM that will remain valid without top-ups and which charges a reasonable price for data (i.e. up to 0.10/MB). I looked at Viking Mobile but their SIM cards expire 6 months after the last top-up, even if you still have credit and have used it in the last 6 months. One top-up should last me several years and frequent top-ups would make it more expensive than roaming with a foreign SIM card.

Are there any others I should consider? I am next visiting Belgium on Saturday.

I notice that Mobistar and Proximus supply free nano-SIMs on their web sites. Does this free price also apply to their shops? I might need to obtain one just to port the number to another network.
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