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Default Piranha Mobile Sim Card - 14-07-2012, 19:07

Thought Id set up a new thread on the Piranha mobile sim, (some previous posts in UK and Canada sub-forums) - I cannot find a general discussion forum on Piranha anywhere, and nothing on their own website!

Just got a Piranha mobile sim, dual US-UK number is free, (not Estonia or Isle of Man, so cheap for people to call you), good rates in most locations, though data rates vary by provider in some countries (I've been assured that the sim will try to register on the "preferred" provider with cheaper data, we'll see..)
outside UK and US, it's a call-back system, have to see how reliable that is.
Piranha have the best offering for Canada that I have seen in a global sim - 22c/min within Canada or back to US, and 48c/MB for data.

Ive been testing the VOIP integration on home wifi in the US: on WIFI people are meant to be able to call you on the same number as the SIM.

So far, the outgoing VOIP integration works well - if on wifi, it uses VOIP (at cheaper-than-skype rates, and decent call quality) and if not, it goes through the mobile network. The same number shows up on caller ID for recipient.
Incoming VOIP is not working, it only routes through the mobile network. Customer service has not been very helpful so far, but only one round.
Not sure if this is an artifact of my Samsung Vibrant.
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