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Default *bliep: new data only & blackberry solution for The Netherlands - 23-06-2012, 23:00

I wrote data only, because they don't (yet) support roaming and calling abroad. Calling within The Netherlands of course works and costs €0,20/min.

This new provider charges €0,50/day for unlimited internet which they claim really unlimited - I couldn't find anything about a FUP or something like that in their TOC. The connection is throttled to 386kpbs on the T-Mobile network - the worst of the three networks in The Netherlands, but it's fine for usage in cities.

They also have a €1,00 per day variant which loosens the throttling up to 3,6 Mbps with a maximum of 2GB (after that they throttle again to 386kpbs).

You only pay for the days you use - you can choose online if you want to use the €0,50, €1,00 or nothing at all.

Validity: you need to make one sms/call every 6 months

The sim cards can be bought at all Free Record Shops in The Netherlands for €10 (including €10 credit on the card). I bought one myself today to test it out and it all looks very nice

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