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Default Estonia Prepaid Data SIM - 04-04-2012, 08:56

If anyone is travelling to Estonia, I can recommend the Elisa prepaid SIM. The starter pack costs 1 and comes with 1 credit. The maximum charge per day for unlimited Internet is 1.60, so I topped up with an additional 10, which should give enough for a week here for total 11. The card also does voice and text, should you require it. A single call, such as a top-up call activates the SIM.

The purchase was very simple - like Ireland - no ID required and no forms - just bought the pack and top-up in an Elisa shop. I think they are also available in kiosks etc. The APN is "internet" with no username or password. Coverage and speeds excellent around Tallinn so far.

The top-up process is to make a call to *135*Voucher Number#
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