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Default Vodafone Spain - 22-03-2012, 20:18

I didn't get any answer to my question from this thread so I took my chances and followed the documentation from shop and store.

Here's the story: I've got a SIM which was supposed to have 10 euros on it and it seems that it had 9 (hard to say because just checking your credit costs 11 eurocents).

I tried to activate "Tarifa Plana de Internet móvil para Tarjeta: unlimited surfing for € 3.50/week (€ 0.50 per day); to activate write TPTarjeta to 22521" which is present apart from our wiki on Vodafone's web site and in-store printed material (and known by in-store people) but there was no confirmation and internet used all my credit in less than one day (I used APNs and, they seem to have different and really strange billing).

People from Vodafone store were totally unhelpful and also unable to speak any other language (well, apart from the local dialect which apparently wasn't Spanish and of which they were very proud). On the other hand free support at "123" was multilingual (with quite a few language choices) except for the fact that you had first to get an operator, ask "do you speak english", they would transfer you to the menu where you could select your language and then ring an operator on that language (there was the option to save the language as well but that didn't work even after multiple tries so for each call you had to hunt through the menus for a spanish operator that would transfer you to this language selection menu).

Nothing to say about the support, they were helpful, knew the language perfectly well and were able to get me internet access. BUT here comes the funny part:
- they claimed sending SMS "TPTarjeta to 22521" would just subscribe you to some games and not activate any internet (although the option was on their web site and in printed documentation). In fact for me it did just nothing (I just had all my credit drained by the default data plan).
- of course I've got no refund
- however they have a plan that's nowhere advertised: 3EUR for 1 week unlimited internet, with throttling at 500MB. This in fact worked really well and even plain SIP voip wasn't blocked
- the plan is called "Bono Navegacion Movil semanal" and you have to call every week to reactivate it
- there's some confusion about prices, here is with VAT, here is without, etc
- EU SMS is 60 cents a piece!!!
- validity of the SIM without recharging is okish, something like 9 months
- registering for myvodafone was a big pain as it worked only partially the first time and I had to fight with it for quite a lot. Still better than the average as I always needed "human support" to register for the "web portal" for big operators (T-Mobile and Vodafone). Never had a problem with MVNOs though.
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