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Default Tchibo registration problem - 23-08-2010, 15:47

Two weeks ago I visited Germany for several days. I bought the Tchibo prepaid package for Euro 19,95 and tried to get registered with the help of my friend and that of Google translate. Apparently I made some mistake, since after getting connected my account was 0 instead of the expected 5 GB. I suspect I simply confused the prepaid and the comfort options. Anyway, now I am outside Germany and the only thing I'd like to know whether I am registered or not and how can I top up my account next time I am in Germany ? Trying to login in to My Tchibo mobil, I am getting a message that my password is wrong. I tried to recover my password, but instead of e-mail, it has been sent by SMS to my Mobilfunknummer. I have no idea of how to receive this SMS.
Next month I will come to Germany, but I'd like to be entirely prepared while at home. I don't know German and I am not sure I will have an access to the Internet. I would like to buy the Tchibo voucher immediately after landing and being able to get connected just afterwards. Please
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