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Post Greek Prepaid Require Registration... - 01-06-2010, 11:50


All prepaid customers of all the Greek networks need to ensure they have registered all their personal details before 31st July to ensure they are not disconnected (at the moment I am unsure as to whether lines will be completely ceased on this date or will be simply restricted for incoming and outgoing calls allowing the user to register later and re-activate the account).

All customers who activated their connections before November 2009 need to ensure they go in person to a retail store of their network to supply the required information.

A friend of mine Kat wrote a detailed post on her website as to how to register with your network and the steps required. You can click here to be linked to the information.

Just remember though, there is no other way of registering except in person at a retail store so if you're abroad with no intention of visiting Greece before the end of July, you will have your connection cancelled.
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