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Default 22-02-2009, 12:35

Thanks for the info, johnwt1951. I have a few questions, though.

I have an iPhone 3G from the States that I jailbroke and unlocked. Useful, since I'm studying in France for a semester. I was wondering:

How much is the cost of the mobicarte? I checked on their website and couldn't find 'le tarif' anywhere. Granted, I'm not completely fluent in French, but I understand most of what I read, and I could not find it. So, how much is the SIM card itself, and is there a link you could give me to find out exactly how much a minute or SMS costs?

Also, does Orange cover basically all of France? I am living in Angers near Nantes until June and I need a card I can use everywhere. Thanks for any help you can give me; it's greatly appreciated.

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