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Smile Writing an article: some suggestions needed - 11-04-2008, 14:17

I'm writing an article to a conference. The subject is usefulness of international SIMs in reduction of international roaming costs. I focus mainly on free incoming calls feature and the Polish point of view (i.e. international SIMs vs Polish roaming tariffs).
I'm going to consider the following SIMs:
Telestial Passport

The features which I took into account when creating the list were:
1) Free incoming calls in Poland and some other countries (the more the better of course)
2) Possibility of purchasing the SIM online and sending it to a Polish address
3) The calling party doesn't pay for unaswered/busy calls to an international SIM (of course, if not forwarded to VM or elsewhere)
4) The possibility of disabling the VM.

Do you think that I should consider any other SIMs (as of April 200?

And another questions - "historical" ones .

The first international SIM with free incoming calls was Riiing that appeared on the market in autumn 2004, right?
By checking I found that Hop appeared in 2002.
What about other pre-2005 international SIMs? From the forum I remember brands Swisscom Easyroam and MINT. What years where they available and were they the same? Were there any other "ancient" brands?

Thanks in advance for help.
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