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Default Chart comparing Roaming Rates for 4 intl. SIMS in 190 countries - 12-03-2007, 21:06

Also included are the 2 U.S. GSM carriers.

I had a hard time finding easy to grab Manx rates. As mentioned on the chart, the Manx card I used, "National Geographic - Talk Abroad", seems to have weird rates. In a few instances, INcoming is more than OUTgoing. I also noticed that they claim they use the same non-functional VM United Mobile used to have. They say calls won't go to VM unless the phone is on! You can force ALL calls to VM. I don't know whether this is a function of all Manx cards or just this one.

If that doesn't work, try:

I would have posted it here, but the 29K PDF file exceeds the limits here by 10K.

I guess I could also post it on Yahoo in .xls format if people want.

Please let me know where there are errors. (Note I said not "if" ther are errors.


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A/o Oct 20, 2013 no need for intl prepaid as T-Mobile U.S. includes voice roaming at 20/min (in and out)., unlimited text (in and out), and unlimited data in 140+ countries.

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