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Quick Facts

Country: Dominican Republic
Network Name: Orange
Prepaid Card Name: Orange Card
Frequency and Technology: (GSM 1800/1900)
Prepaid Package Cost (Just SIM): 250 RD$
Documents needed: Passport
Prepaid Package Validity: 3 months
CSD access: No
GPRS/EDGE access: Yes
UMTS access: No
SIM applications: No
Manual included: Yes (language?) Spanish
Refill amounts: 60, 100, 200, 500
Availability: All Orange Stores
Competitors: only GSM operator in country

More In-Depth Information
Any Orange Store will sell you the Prepaid sim
Very easy to purchase
The Good:
All the Orange stores sells the card, Sim last 3 months without a recharge, The 250RD$ gets you 100 RD$ airtime.
The Bad:
Recharge only last two weeks

The Good:
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Very good coverage all over the island. Most places sell the recharge cards.
The Bad:
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I ran into network capacity problems during peak times.
Your Tips Here
Most Orange stores will unlock your phone to sell you the service. Since the network is dual band 1800/1900 most US and European phones work on the network. System allows text msg to US numbers.
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This is the only service to avoid the outrageous roaming fees from your home country.
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